The Wonderful Mi-kis of Oz
Mi-Kis are a small non-shed (low allergy) dog that was bred to be companions.  

These little guys are very good at adapting to your lifestyle.

Do you enjoy long walks or car rides? They are ready.  Do you prefer a more sedate lifestyle? Mi-Kis are happy to join you on the couch or to sit at your feet. They are happiest if they can be with you.  

Most Mi-Kis are very quiet. However, they will alert you if someone is at the door or may bark to get you to play with them.

Mi-Kis make great Therapy Dogs, this comes naturally to them because they are calm and enjoy being around people. The breed standard is up to 10 pounds with most ranging from 4 to 7 pounds. Like every other breed, not every dog meets these standards but this is what breeders are striving for. If you meet a good example of the breed and you will find that they are difficult to forget, I call it Mi-Ki magic.
 Tinker Bell Prince Reddi
Several years ago my Husband and I decided to visit the Chicagoland Pet Expo in Arlington Heights. We decided that our next dog would need to be smaller; we seem to struggle to keep a bigger dog active enough to be happy and healthy. It seemed smart to look for a breed that would “fit in” to our lifestyle a little better now that we are empty nesters.

The wish list was small, non-shed, friendly with strangers, not a big barker.

This seemed like an almost impossible task, and I really was not hopeful. As we were walking around we saw a table that had 12 to 15 small long haired dogs standing at the edge of the table with their tails making a nice breeze and not a leash in site… Skeptic that I am I wanted to figure out how they did that. With all the bustle and confusion of the show (not to mention other dogs) I incorrectly assumed it took tons of training. Everything I was told about them fit my wish list and then some. I knew it was too good to be true but somehow I was enchanted and even months later I could not forget them. I joined the club to keep in touch and volunteered at the show the next year. I was wrong they really ARE that good.

We did our research before jumping in and purchased breeding stock that were health tested and we continue to health test our adults and our pups it is a requirement for International Mi-Ki Registry members.

Mi-Kis of OZ makes every effort to breed exceptional, well-adjusted, calm puppies that are quite used to the sights and sounds of a family. We use superdog training on our tiny babies and have found it to be quite helpful.  Mi-Kis of OZ takes our role in a puppy’s life quite seriously.  We are here for you to help with any questions that you might have, suggestions on food, grooming products, or anything else that comes to mind. If I don’t know the answer to the question, I have several sources for assistance. We love it when we are allowed to remain a part of our puppy’s lives with an occasional email or photo.

I have never met a breed quite like this before they are almost magical. Most people who own a Mi-Ki tell me they don’t ever want to get any other dog breed. It’s Mi-Kis for life.
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